Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS) students demand refund of phony field trips

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Three hundred level students of the Department of Biological Science of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), are demanding a refund of the money they paid for field trip last session.


Management had, at the beginning of the previous session, introduced N5,000 for field trip as a part of the component of their tuition.


CAMPUSLIFE, however, gathered that only 300- and 400-Level students run a course related to field trips.


Interestingly, management has slammed another N5,000 field trip on 200-Level students, a development that is generating subtle protest.


Aishat Muhammad recalled how she alongside other course mates were made to pay N5,000 as field trip without going anywhere throughout their last session.


“We paid for field trip last year because it was included in our school fees, but we didn’t go to any trip. Even though, they planned for it; It wasn’t successful,” she said.


Also Folohunsho Emmanuel queried the sincerity or otherwise of the management.


Emmanuel said the management had assured them during last session that they would not need to repeat the payment this session because they had paid, only to suddenly backpedal on its promise.


“They (management) told us that we would not pay any field trip in our 300-Level after that payment last session. This followed an earlier complaint by our class representative to our course coordinator. I would be very happy if our N5,000 is refunded back to us,” Emmanuel said.


This was confirmed by class representative of 200-Level student Suleiman Ahmad.


“Only 300 and 400 level students are doing field trip related courses. We (200-Level) students are not doing it but it was included in our schedule charges.” Ahmad said in shock.


Meanwhile Aliyu Muhammad, who is a final year student of the department, said the field trip is only 1 unit and 2 units for 300 and 400 level students respectively.


Another final year undergraduate Muhammad Faruk,  recounted how his course mates also parted with N5000 as field trip in their 200-Level, but neither embarked on the trip, nor gbeing refunded.


Nonetheless, the Dean of Faculty of Science, Prof AD Koko, said he is unaware whether the aggrieved students went for any field trip or not.


“The only thing that I know is that a formal letter was written to me that they (students) are going to Kano this year for field trip. I also recall that the Department of Geology requested for the sum of N4 million from the management for the trip this year.


“I think the reason they didn’t go (for the field trip) may be because of the challenge of insecurity and the incessant kidnappings on the highway. On whether the 200-Level student went for any trip last year, I can only refer you to the Head of Department of Biological Science for response.


Incidentally the HoD of Biological Science, AbdulMajeed Dreahm, also said he was not aware, as the aggrieved students are not meant to pay for any field trip.


The Deputy Bursar of  UDUS Murtala Ajadi, urged Dreahm  to draw the attention of the management to the situation via an official letter.


“The management that fixed field trip knows the student that are supposed to pay and those who are not. If anybody has any challenge or any complaint about the fees, they should draw the attention of the management that this payment is ordinarily not supposed to be paid.


“The HoD of the department can make a position paper to draw the attention of the management. I can assure you that the management is not holding on to that money.


The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Prof Aminu Mode, advised the students to channel their complaint to their head of department to pursue the case on their behalf.


“Let them (aggrieved students) report their case through the Head of Department. Their Hod is only in the right position to know whether the students are right or not. It’s not possible for us to know everything that’s going in every department.


“The students should write through his office and I assure that I will pursue the case for them and their problem would actually be solved if they are right.”


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