Message To All 2020/2021 WAEC And NECO Candidates as Schools Resumption Date Gets Closer (MOST READ)

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Message To All 2020/2021 WAEC And NECO Candidates (MOST READ)

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It is often said that, 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step'. Anything you want to do you must start by preparing for it. You want to go on a very far journey, you start with the very first step you take from your house.

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As a student preparing for WAEC/NECO, you must start by studying very hard,so that the exam doesn't become an unexpected visitor.

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Here are some practical guides on how to study For WAEC And NECO :



1. Get the Syllabus: One first important task a student preparing for WAEC/NECO should do is to get the syllabus; mind you, the current one, and not the outdated one. So a WAEC student must be well informed and keep up with the latest trend concerning the syllabus.  



2. Draw a Personal Timetable: Another thing a very wise student should do is to draft a personal timetable that he/she is going to follow in studying for the exam. The task doesn't end at drawing the timetable, a student must be able to adhere to the timetable strictly to get the desired result. One quick advice: if you miss a subject on a particular day,don't carry it over to the next day, just follow the reading as scheduled in the timetable.

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3. Start studying on time:   Yes,there's a popular saying that: 'strike while the iron is hot'. Don't wait until the examination is close by before you get your hands on the deck,start as soon as possible! This will give you an upper hand over others, and will help you to study very well. It will also help you to be able to cover all what you need to cover before the examination.




4. Read Wide: As a serious WAEC student, you should read as wide as possible. Read everything you can read! As you know that it is a body that is entirely independent of your own school,that is going to set the questions, and you have no idea of where they might set their questions from. So just read wide,read everything readable, compare textbooks on each subject. This will help you to be on a safer side.

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5. Enrol in a Tutorial: Another good advice, is that you enrol in a tutorial. Tutorials are familiar with the pattern at which the questions are set,they are also conversant with the latest syllabus. So just do yourself a big favour by enrolling in a tutorial.




6. Pray,and pray,and pray!: Prayers can't be underestimated! They help a lot. You know the divine controls the human. So,don't forget to pray and commit everything into God's hands.




There are uncertainties about the current waec and neco/jamb date but stay prepared. We will always keep you updated.


Above are some of the ways a student can study for WAEC/NECO examinations. Study hard. I wish you success.

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