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Somewhere in the corridor, a clock climbed rather loudly, could not fathom where I was or how I got myself I a numbed condition. All I could remember was a day before at a party organized by Tundes sister at Victoria Island in Lagos.

My colleagues from the University were all there in their sheltering attires that could have made a fashion designer flow with pride. The birthday party was also well attended by celebrities from the media, who thought this could an opportunity to get closer to Adeola’s Mult- Millionaire industrialist and philanthropist. The master of ceremony welcomed the important guest as the ushers, in brockade- Aso – Oke outfit directed them to their seats.

We had decided earlier than mixing with these high and mighty in the society would deprive us having real fun. So, Tund had prepared the space rear the swimming pool for student and other invited youthful guests.


The feather of trouble started to fly when a group of boys started unwrapping and smoking substances we later discovered to be Marujuana in a cane free, boisterous manner they danced wildly with the ladies in slain pry dresses. “Come on, lets join the fun.” Wale patted me on the back “I really don’t think we should get involved with these bad guys,” I answered in a effort to dissuade him. Reluctantly, I moved towards the riotous crowed defound not to be involved in their so called harmless fun. Just then someone started waving to me ecstatically. It was Top, my course mate and a very close friend.

After exchanging pleasantries, she suggested we should go to the garden behind the house to escape the deafening noise from the loudspeakers and also have the time to discuss privately. On getting to the garden we met a group of people hanging about in twos and threes odour of Marujuana filled the air. Immediately, my instinct warned that something ominous may happen. Tope informed me that her consin studying in the United States would be coming to Nigeria for holiday and should not miss the opportunity to meet him.

Few minute later, we heard a loud noise coming from the direction of the swimming pool. “what was that , Tope,”  I asked alarmed “ probably a guy celebrating with a champagne” the next minute we heard a much louder sound. This time there was no doubt it was a gun shout. Pandemonium broke out as everyone ran shelter- skelter for escape routes Media reporter give the next day, said that a group of assassins arrived at chief Malaride’s house covered with AK47 rifles. They shot sporadically in the crowed at the party goer’s killing three people and leaving many wounded

I was rearly at the gate when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, was hit with a bullet “oh, my God!,”I crooked.

The fleeing crowd marched on me as I laid sprained in the ground seemingly lifeless. “How are you feeling now?,” I heard a soft voice uttered near my bed. It was then I realized my mistake. Several times my parents had warned me to desist from following friends that would influence me negatively. I wish I had listened to my parents.    

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MyschoolNews Campus Pay - Earn Up to ₦50,000 Monthly | Write, Comment,Share and Invite Friends (JOIN NOW)

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Mr. Kamna Emmanuel Ali          


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