Corruption and insecurity are the trademarks of the Buhari - ASUU

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The University of Ibadan chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities on Friday, lamented the plight of Nigerian workers, saying their conditions had worsened under the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd).

Corruption and insecurity were the trademarks of the Buhari - ASUU

ASUU said corruption and insecurity were the trademarks of the Buhari.

The ASUU Chairman, UI, Prof Ayoola Akinwole, in a statement to mark the International Workers’ Day on Saturday (today), said the workers’ conditions had worsened under Buhari.


The statement titled ‘Buhari-led administration: The real enemy of Nigerian workers’ urged all workers to rise in defence of the dignity of labour and “resist the flagrant disregard for human rights and the rule of law in the country.”


“We must resist the ploy of government and its agents to divide us. We must resist their divide-and-rule strategies,” it said.


The statement further read, “The government of the day has continued to turn a deaf ear to the agitations of labour unions and cries of the masses.


“They often request patience and understanding. Yet, impunity, financial impropriety and corruption have become the trademark of this Buhari-led administration.


“The Nigerian government continues to pass the burden of hardship and misery to Nigerian workers and the masses. The abductions and killings of students at all levels have become embarrassing to the country. Human beings are now a commodity of trade in Nigeria. This portends nothing but doom for the future of Nigeria.”


Akinwole said despite the “terrible” conditions, the government continued to label constructive and objective criticisms as “hate speech” when the citizens speak truth to power.


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