JAMB Begins Correction of Data for candidates who have lost their SIM cards - Complete Guide

The Joint admission and matriculation baord (JAMB) has commenced the Correction of Data for candidates who have lost their SIM cards,Complete Guide.

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Recall that JAMB introduced the use of OTP (One Time Password)which is sent to a candidate’s registered phone number in place of biometrics verification to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. The OTP must be presented before the correction of data can be carried out on the candidate’s UTME/DE registration.

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Some candidates have however claimed that they no longer have access to the same SIM which they registered with for the UTME/DE .

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For such candidates, the following is the procedure they are to follow to be able to effect the correction of data;

  • The candidate must approach any of the JAMB Offices in person (not by proxy) as this service can only be carried out in JAMB Offices/ProfessionalTest Centres (PTCs) Nationwide;
  • At the JAMB Office, the candidate should supply any of registration number, email and GSM number which the candidate used to register for the UTME or DE;
  • The JAMB Official attending to the candidate directs the system to RESEND the OTP through email;
  • The candidate goes and prints a copy of the email which contain the OTP;
  • The candidate affixes a copy of his/her passport photograph to the printed email and presents it to the JAMB Official;
  • The JAMB Official after confirming that the same person whose picture is affixed on the printed email is the same person whose picture is displayed on the screen proceeds to complete the correction of data.
  • A copy of the printed email with the candidate’s affixed passport must be retained at the JAMB Office for any candidate whose correction of data was carried out with OTP sent through email.
  • All subsisting COVID-19 protocols must be fully observed.

NOTE: ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD CORRECTION OF DATA BE DONE BY PROXY.Do you have questions to ask about this article? Kindly leave a comment below so our voices will be heard. Please Click Here REGISTER to Enable the Comment Button.

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