How ASUU Strike Almost Made Me Fall For Neolife Scam

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I Wish To Share My Experience With The House On How I Almost Parted Ways With My Money Due To A Scam Job Interview Yesterday.

How ASUU Strike Almost Made Me Fall For Neolife Scam

I Met A Colleague Of Mine In School (Same Faculty And Level) On Tuesday 22nd January While I Was Heading For Fellowship, We Greeted As Usual And Talked About The Current Strike And Possible Resumption, As I Was Going He Called Me Back And Asked What I Was Doing To Make Income I Replied ''Nothing''; Then He Gave Me His Number That I Should Call Him Today For A Job Opportunity Where I Can Be Making Income, I Took His Number Joyously And Promised To Call Him Later.

Fastforward To Yesterday Wednesday, I Called Him Early Morning And He Picked And Said I Should Come To Alamieyeseigha Road Here In Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. I Was Occupied By Something In The Morning So I Was Late And He Kept Calling Me Until I Arrived, When I Arrived He Took Me To A Hall (Golden Gate Multipurpose Hall).


As I Entered, I Saw People Sitting In Small Groups With Somebody Talking To Each Group, I Was Taken To One Ebi And He Sat Down With Me And Started Motivating Me, I Was Like ''What Nonsense Is This?''

I Just Played Along With The Guy's Ranting As He Talked For More Than An Hour Telling Me About My Dreams And How Job Is A Scam And Having A Boss Is Slavery In The 21st Century.

I Was Just Nodding My Head In Amazement As He Fired Down And Was Sweating On His Face, He Probably Though I Was Buying His Preaching Until A Lady Came Forward And The Groups Were Told To Summarize And Come Together.

The Lady Started Another Session Of Motivational Speeches As She Called On Supposed Senior Managers (Hungry Looking And Wearing Unironed Cloths) To Give Us Advice; The 3 Of Them Each Spent An Average Of 7 Minutes Telling Us About Their Life Story And How They Are Now Managers And Some Almost Directors And Living In Financial Freedom.

Meanwhile I Was Looking At Their Shoes As They Spoke And I Though In My Mind That These Shoes Have Really Seen Life. Finally The First Lady Took Over And Gave Us Another Round Of Advice And Motivation. She Finally Called On A Young Senior Manager Wearing Jump Up Trousers And Rumpled Shirt. By This Time I Was SMH In My Mind.

The Guy Told Us His Own Story And How He Is Now On The Path Of Financial Freedom.

He Started Telling Us About How You Can Grow To Diamond Director Earning More Than 20 Million Monthly And He Showed Us Pictures Of People Who Were Agberos And School Dropouts Who Are Living Large Due To Neolife, Travelling Around The World.


To Cut The Long Story Short, After Another 2 Hours Of Preaching They Gave Us Form To Fill Our Details And We Were Asked To Choose From 2 Packages Costing 16k And 21k Respectively. By This Time One Of The Guy That Was Behind Me Had Left The Place Angrily And Disappointed. I Was Just Sitting There Because Of Courtesy And I Wanted To See The End Of Their Game. The Guy Asked Us To Bring Out Our ATM Cards For Quick Processing But Nobody Bulged, Then They Asked For Cash And The Senior Managers Were Called Out To Attend To Us, The Guy That Came To Me Asked Me How Much I Had I Looked At His Shoe And Clothes And Felt Pity For Him So I Decided To Play Cool, Told Him The Money With Me Is Already Budgeted For Something Else, Then A Girl Came And Tried To Seductively Made Me Pay, I Told Her I Did Not Plan To Spend Any Money Here And She Insisted I Pay Even If Its N100. . . She Was Literally Searching My Pockets shocked .

I Finally Gave Her N100 As I Did Not Want To Fall My Hand.


Then We Gathered And Their Supposed Coordinator Who They Were Treating Like A god.


She Gave Another 30 Minutes Talk As The Managers Cheered Her On. . . My Eyes Were Just Fixed On Her As I Knew Instantly That This Woman Was Using This People To Pay Her Bills While They Are Do The Work. ''Suffering And Smiling'', I Could Taste The Lies And Deceit In Her Words.


They Later Closed As The Talked Briefly To The Newbies Once Again And About 3 People Took My Numbers.

I Just Acted Like Nothing Was Wrong And Left. . . As I Was Waiting For KEKE, I Saw Two Senior Managers Lapping Each Other In Another KEKE And I SMH As I Was Ashamed On Their Behalf.


P.S. Most Of The People That Came With Me Were People That Saw Notices Of Job Vacancy Like Cleaners, Cooks, Office Assistants With Juicy Salaries etc.


This Morning 4 Different People Has Called Me About 10 Times And I Told Them I Cannot Make It.

The Next Person That Calls I Will Bare My Mind To Him/Her.

I Just Pity My Friend Yusuf That Is In Their Mental Cage Hoping For A Good Lifestyle While Another Person Pays Her Bills With His Sweat.

I Am Just Angry For My 100 Naira That Just Loss Like That.



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