A Must Read For All Aspirants

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One thing you must know as an aspirant is that, when an institution says it’s cutoff mark is 100, that doesn’t mean you will be admitted with that score.

You scoring 100 in your UTME only enables you to purchase their post utme form, it doesn’t guarantee any course.


Yes, know that and know peace.


I have seen a lot of questions in my DM asking;


“Can a mark go for a certain course in a certain school?”


For instance; you are an aspirant and you are asking if you can go for accounting in fuoye with 160, simply because you heard or saw that fuoye’s cutoff is 160.


The answer is simple, if you can withstand it then don’t bother trying it to avoid stories that you touch the heart .

That 160 only gives you the opportunity to apply for the institution’s Postutme screening (fuoye in view), that doesn’t mean you would be admitted for the course you intend studying. That’s where departmental cutoff comes in (i.e the cutoff mark for each department in the Institution)


While there are some courses that would hold 160 as a threshold…


Permit me to say that (most of those courses aren’t the ones you guys have in mind)… let me stop here


So in a nutshell, your UTME  score must be good enough to cross two hurdles,


1. The institutions general cutoff mark


2. Your department cutoff mark.


Once you cross this two without tripping off….


then you’re almost in but then comes your combinations.


When I say combinations, I’m talking about your O’level subjects and jamb subjects.

This stage is a  tricky one in which you need a consultant to help you through, Google is good but when it comes to this look for someone who knows more.




… I mean an Educational consultant, because Google is not LEGIT when it comes to this stage.


Thanks For Reading Through, Share with your friends.


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