Breaking: 300l UNN Student Confirmed Dead

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Uramah Media interview an eye witness and this is what they told us:

It was also stated dat he was visually impaired


“Well from the best of my knowledge

I heard he went out at night to get something beside alvan hostel

The open space between alvan and eni njoku where students normally fetch water


On reaching that side he went closer to where there are large population of naked wires.

Mistakenly he enter a gutter flooded with water and was touched by a live naked wire

Unfortunately d cold dense atmosphere and his leg plunge in d stagnant polluted water


He got electrocuted badly


He screamed out with d last strength he could perspire “JESUS”


Unknown to we d occupants of the hostel we thought he was another christ craving ppl praying in spirits


Until my roommate flashed a torch towards d area were d tragedy happened

And saw him struggling for his life


Rushed down with a guy to b of help but b4 dey could get there he was lying flat in d gutter.”



“Immediately they raised an alarm for help


Students responded swiftly….omo i don tire to dey speak English – They said and continued in Pidgin English


Dem been see am sparks been dey him body

Dem come dey call fellowship ppl to help dem with dere bus but no body came


Omo dem rush go PG dey bang on d door

One good samaritan came out luckingly he was with his car keys

Quickly rushed him to d hospital“


Later that day the HOD of Ms. Chukwuemeka (the student that was electrocuted) advised All student to remain calm and stay positive as he is not confirmed dead. But this morning the HOD again sent out a letter confirming Ms. Chukwuemeka Ezuru’s death with the caption beginning with ‘I have Sad News‘. Read what he write below:


Dear All,


I have sad news.


I’ve just come off the phone to the uncle of our late student, Mr. Chukwuemeka Ezuru. I can now confirm that he’s clinically and officially dead.


The family have asked us to kindly join them at St. Peter’s Chaplaincy on Wednesday morning at 8am for a requiem mass, following which the corpse will be taken to a location in Enugu for interment.


The Department’s now in mourning and I ask you all to pray for the repose of his soul.


We can discuss the level of our involvement more at 2pm when we convene at the Boardroom tomorrow


He rests in peace.


Thank you.




May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen


Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below… Make corrections and observation where necessary.


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